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On the Costa dei Trabocchi

Our journey begins in Termoli, the best known of the towns located on Molise's small stretch of coast. Equipped with an impressive range of tourist facilities, in the summer Termoli is an extremely popular bathing resort, as well as being the departure point for ferries and hydrofoils heading to the nearby Tremiti islands. The wonderfully clean waters which lap its beaches have ensured Termoli continues to be awarded the European...

The Riviera of Molise

Although Italy's almost landlocked Molise region has only a tiny section of coast, each and every one of its 35 kms of shoreline is home to quite magnificent sandy white beaches. We start our journey at Petacciato Marina, and the Torre Ramitelli, where to admire one of the symbols of this coastline: the "trabucchi". These unique constructions, suspended above the water, are none other than a series of wooden platforms to...

Peak viewing in Abruzzo

Before entering the National Park of the Gran Sasso, we stop off at Castelli, where to admire an art form which has prospered in this area since the 15th century when the Benedictine monks conscientiously worked the mixture of water and clay so as to transform it in to exquisite pieces of ceramic. Approximately 1km from the town of Castelli, visitors have the opportunity to witness a superb example of the technique. Defined by Carlo...


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Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Historical Residences - Santo Stefano di Sessanio. In Abruzzo, an ancient town transformed into a hotel

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