A natural continuation of the Campania Apennines, the Lattari Mountains traverse the whole of the Sorrentine peninsula, providing the holiday maker with the occasion to alternate hours passed on the beaches of the Amalfi Coast with others spent walking through some of Southern Italy's most beautiful mountain scenery.

The Punta Campanella walk, accessible from Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi, is one of the most popular pathways through the Lattari Mountains, offering both magnificent scenery and relatively easy walking terrain. The path, which passes by Nerano, Marina di Cantone, Marina di Recomone and Torca, a small fraction of Massa Lubrense, commences in Termini's Piazza Santa Croce, from where a narrow pathway leads to the road for Monte San Costanzo and the first of a series of spectacular panoramas. Here the view extends from the Torre di Fossa di Papa, one of the many ancient block houses built to protect the coast from pirate attack, as far as the island of Capri.

The path continues along the Punta Campanella promontory, where to enjoy views over the entire Bay of Naples. Beyond the Torre Fossa and Torre di Crapolla, lies the town of Nerano and its Church of S.Salvatore. Other houses of worship to be visited along the route include the Church of S.Tommaso Apostolo in Torca and Cantone's charming little Chapel of S. Antonio di Padova.

Another superb mountain path is that of the Sentiero degli Dei, the Path of the Gods. This walking route through the mountainside above the towns of Praiano and Ravello, owes its name to the temples built here by the Romans in honour of the pagan gods Minerva, Mitra and Cerere.

The path commences at Vettica Maggiore, between Amalfi and Positano. Via one of the most well trodden sections of the Sentieri degi Dei, walkers soon reach the religious complex of San Domenico, where to visit the Dominican Convent and the Church of Santa Maria a Castro. From here the walk continues westbound through the Mediterranean scrub, past a series of spectacular gorges and caves. Having reached Nocelle, walkers can decide whether to return to Positano on foot, or take a bus.

Nature lovers should be sure not to miss the walk through the Lattari Mountains leading to the Valle delle Ferriere, a magnificent nature reserve rich in waterfalls, mountain streams and springs, the almost tropical microclimate of which makes it the ideal habitat for a variety of rare plant species and small amphibians.

From Pontone visitors can also access the Valle dei Mulini. As the name suggests, the Valle dei Mulini is home to what remains of Amalfi's legendary paper mills where the Marine Republic's highly prized paper was produced.